the resemblances between the swastica and the double cross

the double cross and the nazi swastica are ment to be the same thing, they are both ment to inspire fear in the hearts of non pure men those who aren't pure blood's , for the nazi's it's arien's and for the dictator the tomanians

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the ressemblances between the barber and the dictator and the problems it caused


Hynkel looks strongly like the jewish barber.

The barber was arrested but managed to escape by wearing a Tomainian uniform(containing the double cross, the Nazi sign).

Because of the strong resemblance with the barber, Hynkel is mistaken for him and stopped by his own soldiers.

And the barber, mistaken for The Dictator, has to pronounce a speech of victory; This was an exceptional opportunity for him to speak on the radio, reversing Hynkel's anti-Semitic policies, declaring Tomainia and Osterlich now being free nations. This also gave him the chance to direct a personel comment to Hannah his love that was full of insiration.


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