Hynkel: he is portayed as a dictator. He makes speeches and has men following his every command. He has bribed the translators and we can see this when he makes the speech in the beginning. He continues for five or more minutes in a forced tone but all the translator says is our exellence has just said a few words on the Jews. He tries to be popular , and therefore he kisses a baby. However, he shows his true nature when he puts the baby down and wipes himself off as if disgusted by the baby. He is portrayed in a comic way, for example in his fall whilsht comming down the stairs after his speech also when his is playing(toying) with the globe. He is also portayed as being childish when the globe explodes he goes off and sulks.


Hannah: She is portayed as a single woman who is trying to make it in mans world. She believes that anything is possible but is proved wrong when Hynkel's guard try to arrest her. Luckily our hero (the jewish barber) arives and stops all the comotion, she falls madly in love with him.


The jewish barber:he is the hero of this story he intervenes to save Hannah. He is as clumsy as Hynkel and this is shown just before the last speech when he breaks the chair. 


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