My personal opinion

My personal opinion:

This film is very interesting and instructive. Charles Chaplin is a brave director who was not put of by the censorship to promote  a just cause. It is a well built film: by looking at him, we notice that every detail was not the work of fate but reflection. He approaches this dificult subject with a light and funny tone. Charles Chaplin wass also a well known actor. " The best films are the ones which are instructive and pleasant to see ". Hitler's caricature done by Charlie Chaplin is pretty good, even though this film was criticised i think it is one of the best films ever, because of how it portrais the dictator as a hard man but when they go deeper into the character we discover a childish side to him, for example when the globe bursts he goes and sulks on his desk turning away from the camera. The way Chaplin portrais the jewish barber is as fascinating if not more, the barber has all of the qualities necesary to be a good person. He is a kind hearted and generous man who would of made in fact an excellent leader which is proven when he makes the final speach in Hynkel's place. The funny thing is he only get's to be dictator because of his ressemblance with hynkel and not his powers of good leadership.

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